» Team-friendly, cooperative, and willing to help others: All of our studio assistant positions require interpersonal skills. You will be working with other assistants, photographers, and clients on a regular basis. Our studio assistants need to be comfortable answering phone calls, responding to emails, and giving tours. You can expect more than adequate training from us for all of these things, but being comfortable with face-to-face interaction is essential. Don’t worry, we all stumble, stutter, and get red-faced sometimes. We aren’t looking for fake enthusiasm, just genuine interaction. By the end of your three months here you’ll feel more confident working with creatives and working at a professional level.
» Trustworthy, honest, and real: Many of you might be as quirky as us. We are a bunch of artists after all! We aren’t your typical workplace, so the oddities that make you YOU are welcome here. We are a safe place with open arms to folks from all walks of life. We are proponents of love and equality and will not put up with any disrespect within our walls.
» Reliable, self-motivated, and responsible: If you tell us you’ll do something we’ll expect you to do it. We’ll be counting on you to help us keep our doors open and expect mature interactions and reactions. If at any point we feel the need to end your 3-month term early, we reserve the right to do so.

Oh, and you don’t have to be a photographer to apply, but we do expect you to at least like art. 


As a starving artist collective (aka “small business”) we believe some experiences are worth investing in with or without cash compensation. Though we don’t currently offer full-time paid positions, we often reach out to our most reliable studio assistants with potential paid work opportunities. Meanwhile, what we bring to the table is perhaps even more worth your time. In exchange for a 3-month internship, this is what we give to you:

  • Studio Punch-Pass: 10 free hours of shooting in either of our studios and full free access to our in-house lighting equipment. One of those hours includes one-on-one studio and equipment training from a skilled photographer ($350 value).
  • Access to classes and workshops, community events, and industry parties, attended by people who very well could change your life.
  • One private event held under your name at the Photo Collective. Throw yourself a birthday party, curate an art show, organize a concert, or even host Thanksgiving  dinner!
  • The work environment of a fun and professional photography studio; offering a designated Co-working space for all studio assistants.
  • Booking incentives! Help us fill our calendar and we’ll help fill your wallet! We will outline this further during interviews.
  • Providing all goes well, your name will join our list of industry friends and family. (You want to be on this list.)
  • Access to our invite-only Collective quarterly party.
  • A cool T-shirt. And maybe a hat.


All Studio Assistants will be part of our Creative Team/Studio Crew, meaning you cover one 4-hour shift per week here at the studio. During that 4-hour shift you will be involved in the daily operations of the studio. This may include answering phone calls, replying to emails, and respond to walk-in inquiries, meanwhile helping out with anything creative on the calendar that day, be it a studio shoot, a class or workshop, or event preparation. Each studio assistant will also fill a specific position beyond the duties of the Studio Crew, as outlined below. Daily studio needs take priority during the 4-hour shifts, so interns should plan to spend additional time each week fulfilling their specific responsibilities. The estimated time requirements below are in addition to the required 4-hour weekly shift


Studio Management Team (3 positions available)
This position is for those of you who plan to open your own studio, firm, co-op, or event space. Working this position is a great way to get a feel for the daily life of running your own creative business. Instead of working on other tasks, this intern simply takes on multiple shifts/week as Studio Manager. All interns are required to work one four-hour shift per week, but this intern will work anywhere from 2-4 shifts/week depending on availability and need. That’s anywhere from 8 to 24 hours a week of time in the studio! The more time you spend at the studio, the more exposure you will have to the well oiled machine of a small creative business. If you are an artist (or appreciator) with an interest in business, this position is for you!

Photo Booth Teamster (3-5 positions available)
If you are looking to up your people skills as a photographer, we’ve got a place for you. One of the Photo Collective Studios’ trademarks is the Photo Booth. You’ve likely experienced one if you’ve been in SLC the last few years. As a photographer, it’s a rigorous, fast-paced challenge. Photo Booths can be a demanding gig, but the more you do it the more comfortable you’ll be working with high numbers of people. Let’s face it: we all know photographers would rather be behind the lense than interacting with people, but we also know it’s those people-skills that will help you succeed. Come practice with us! Photo booth teamsters should expect to work 3-6 hours a week. 

Photo Editor/Retoucher (2 positions available)
We take a lot of pictures here at the Collective with our frequent events and Photo Booths. We aren’t complaining, but we don’t always have the time to turn these photos around as quickly as we’d like. We are looking for an intern with photo editing skills and experience to take on anywhere between 2-6 hours weekly of basic photo editing/processing. Experience working in Lightroom is a huge plus, but we’ll train you (and you’ll learn quickly) if you don’t know the program.

Videographer/Cinema Team (4 positions available)
We produce a lot of content in and out of the studio. From capturing behind the scenes footage of events to promotional material for clients, we believe in the power of documenting our efforts to continue to promote and grow as a collective. Videographer interns have access to all of our production tools including lighting, dollies, sliders glidecams, etc to create mini cinematic masterpieces. Responsibilities vary depending on experience, but count on capturing some creative behind the scenes footage and being able to whip up short video edits for social media.

Classes & Workshops Coordinating Team (2 positions available)
We love teaching and sharing. We originally opened our doors as a place where we could come together to educate and practice, pushing the community as a whole to greater levels. Are you looking to develop a career in the education realm? Get some real world exposure to classes and workshops of all types and skill levels with this internship! As C/W coordinator you will book, plan, and help carry out our classes and workshops, both Collective produced and third party hosted. We’ll be here to help, but we are especially looking for applicants with ideas of their own that they’d like to implement. The C/W intern should expect to work 2-8 hours/week. 

Gallery Curator (2 positions available)
For those of you who started your art degree with the hopes of graduating as a fully prepared Curator, this position is for you. Our gallery walls have seen things from fashion photography and polaroid shows to projection art and illustration exhibits. We rarely say no to a brilliant idea, especially when it’s something we’ve never seen before. Help us curate and execute our upcoming “shows,” whether it’s for gallery stroll, a private event, or a party. Help us keep our gallery the most experienced walls in the city! This intern will also be trained to run our large format printer in order to help print upcoming shows. The Gallery Curator should expect to work 2-6 hours weekly.

Physical Space Design/Build Team (2-3 positions available) The energy within our walls is very important to maintaining a creative workspace. We are constantly designing and building spaces that encourage creativity and inspire those that stop long enough to view the thought-provoking quotes and images that make our studio unique. Help push these concepts further, and leave your mark on the studio. This position is for those that don’t mind getting a little dirty, and feel comfortable using basic hand tools/fixing things. Experience with design/building is a huge plus. This position should expect 2-8 hours weekly.

Graphic Design Team (2-3 positions available)
Maintaining a forward-thinking brand requires attention to detail. Providing branding assets and a style guide, we often crank out designs and promos for web and print use. There are also further opportunities for graphic designers on our marketing and production agency teams designing content for clients. This position should expect 2-8 hours weekly.

Event Coordinating Team (2-3 positions available) We know some of you dream of throwing huge, successful parties that bring together quality people in top-notch venues. But how do you get to that point? There are so many things to coordinate! Our studios are rented regularly for events ranging from classy small gatherings and art shows to wedding receptions, huge fundraisers, and epic private parties. We’ve learned a lot in our three years here and would love to share the wisdom with someone looking to gain experience. As Event Coordinator, you will be our point-of-contact for events, handling the booking of, planning for, and execution of most events. Don’t worry, we’ll be here to help! We’ll train you and give you everything you need to help make these events happen, including a team to assist day-of. It’s hard work, but three months later you will be more prepared to start coordinating your own events! This position will require anywhere from 4-12 hours weekly. 

Marketing Team (3-4 positions available)
For those that are particularly interested in the business and marketing of creatives. From freelancing to full-time contracted work, our marketing team helps build relationships with other creatives and businesses in the industry. This position should expect 4-8 hours weekly.

Event Assistant (3-5 positions available)
For those of you who want to help throw events and parties but don’t have the time to coordinate such things, we’ve got the perfect spot for you! Many of our events require a staff of 2-8 people from start to finish. You’ll join the festivities for 3-6 hours to help set up, carry out, and/or clean up events. Not only will you learn the ropes of successful events, you’ll get to attend all kinds of parties and meet hundreds of people. It’s a networking life-hack! Event Assistants should expect to work 2-10 hours weekly. Schedules will be set in advance, but weekend availability is a must!

Social Media/Blog Management Team (2-3 positions available)
For the web-friendly photographers out there, you know as well as we do that an online presence makes all the difference. With our rebranding and the relaunching of a new website, we need your help to build our online presence! Your main task will be updating and coordinating the blog, which will cover a huge variety of industry related material. We are looking for someone with writing skills, creativity, and internet fluency. This shouldn’t be your first digital rodeo. This position should expect 2-6 hours weekly. 


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