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The Natural Light Loft is no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Consider shooting in our new historic venue Clubhouse on South Temple by booking the Stage or Front-of-House for your next shoot!

Abandoned for decades, this recently restored second-floor Natural Light Loft has more history and character than any Studio in town. The brick and plaster walls show layers of original wallpaper from when this floor was a hotel during the immigrant boom in the early 20th century. As the economy settled years later the hotel turned into a brothel and was part of the early red-light district of Salt Lake City. The floor plan of the old rooms can be seen on the carefully renovated original hardwood floor.

The Loft features four north-facing and two west-facing windows, filling the Studio with beautiful light all day. The open floor plan of the Loft includes a Vanity Station and a comfortable Client Lounge with a leather sectional and wireless sound system to help set the tone for each shoot. The Studio is temperature controlled year-round to combat SLC’s unpredictable climate.

Leading to the Loft is the elegant Bright-White Hallway. With eight west-facing windows and white walls, the Hallway has soft diffused morning light, transitioning to direct natural light in the late afternoon. Shooting in the Natural Light Loft includes access to the Bright-White Hallway, perfect for head-shots and perspective angles.


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