The Main Floor Vanity Station (pictured first) is included with any Main Floor Studio rental. The large counter space and bright vanity lighting is great for Hair + Makeup prep while the full body mirror assists with wardrobe styling. The Main Floor Vanity is separated from the Studio by a sliding barn door which can be open or closed, depending on the privacy needs of each shoot.

For shoots that don’t require a studio, the Main Floor Vanity can be rented for pre-shoot Hair + Makeup Prep before going out on location. By renting only the Vanity Station, the Main Floor Studio remains open on the studio calendar.

The Loft Vanity Station (pictured second) is included with any Loft Studio rental. This station features a wall of mirrors, ample counter space, a small sink, and west-facing natural light. This vanity is part of the Loft Studio’s open floor plan, so it cannot be rented separately from the Loft Studio.

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